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My recent posts on The Author’s House have been about my book’s progress. I have been talking a lot about the inspiration and support I have received from AuthorHouse published authors.

A great resource that has given me a great deal of insights into these authors’ stories are on the AuthorHouse Author’s Digest. AuthorHouse authors are invited to write guest blogs about their books, book event’s, awards they have won, how they market their books, being a self-published author and self-publishing in general.

Here are some of the new and fascinating authors that have contributed guest posts recently.

AuthorHouse Author’s Digest Guest Bloggers:

Patricia Colton, AuthorHouse author of The Window Blind
Tracy Kinne
, AuthorHouse author of On Sale: Employers Get Good Workers Dirt Cheap
Neil Shulman
, AuthorHouse author of Doc Hollywood (yes, the movie starring Michael J. Fox!)
Asim Dasgupta, AuthorHouse author of Disasters
Traiq Rana
, AuthorHouse author of Five Baby Blackbirds
Jon Magee
, AuthorHouse author of From Barren Rocks . . . to Living Stones
Blake Sebring
, AuthorHouse author of The Biggest Mistake I Never Made

Read their fascinating stories and learn from their experiences.


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